Thursday, December 9, 2010


Assalammualaikum and a good day to everybody.
I've been busy past few days, cant find the time to update this blog. For those who visits my blog everyday wishing for a new entry, i'm really sorry. I didnt draw anything this past few days.
Anyway, i found this comic, drawn by me and several friends when we were in Form 2 i think... or form 3, cant remember correctly. I found this while spring cleaning my room. Anyway, this is a project paper for Art Class. We were suppose to make a comic magazine (like APO?, or Ujang, or Gempak).
Thanks to Aziz, Hazwan, Zaidi andAzim for being a superb team mates.. hehe
The original copy was in colour, but already submitted to the teacher laaaaaa.. this is just the photostat copy. hish.. whatEVERlah!
Enjoy.. (warning: this is a long entry. you might get board :)  )

(i've warned you.. hehehe)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Drawing tutorial #6 facial expressions

Today, i'm gonna give u some tips on making facial expression for your character. From my experience, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth are the main contributors for facial expressions. Orait, let see the sets of faces i draw earlier.. it is just a simple sketch showing the shape of  eyes, eyebrows, and mouth for certain expression:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Si Sepet # 7

Alahai Sepet, nak jadi hero plak dia.. boleh ke Si Sepet ni kalahkan penjahat tu? Tunggu ye..

Pada yg miss citer Si Sepet, click sini:

Confucius's confusism

Taken from LolSnap

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bye Bye LOVE

Layan jiwang jap...
p/s: click on pic to enlarge

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drawing tutorial #5 toddlers

Here are some tips on drawing a little kid:
1. Draw cute face (Big round eyes, small nose, big smile)
2. Head is proportionally bigger than the rest of the body compared to adults.

On this picture, we can see that toddlers head are relatively bigger than its body.
The picture differentiate how adults can easily wrap his/her hand on top of his/her head

This picture showing a 1-2 years old kid

1. The younger the kid, the bigger the ratio of its head to its body

This pic shows a 5-6 years old kid

This picture shows a disrespectful 7 years old kid whose trying to show "I'm bigger than u"

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Side #1- Jeles

Hi guys. New entry here. My Side is a story about myself (mostly when i'm still a kid). It is my own experience. So, i hope you guys will enjoy. Here's the 1st one.
hehehe.. Siyes aku penah buat mcm ni. The dialogue has been changed a bit to make it funny, but overall, this scene really happened when i was a kid, 2 years old maybe that time..Maybe i was jealous becoz my mak only pay attention to my little brother. Lack of attention is the cause. 


p/s: click on the pic to enlarge

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Collection of random sketches

Hi all.. How are you guys today? feeling good? well, first of all, i would like to congratulate my friends for successfully finishing their studies in UTP, including me. Some still have one more Final Year Project presentation to go, so good luck. For those who are finishing this Wednesday, good luck to you too.

Actually, i dont have any new entry today (running out of ideas.. i hope not for long). For those who want to read Si Sepet, maybe tomorrow or the day after i will update, depends on the rate of ideas getting in my head.

As i browse through my photos in my laptop, i found some old sketches of mine which i scanned and kept in the computer. So, just want to put it here in this blog. Nothing significant related to this entry. This blog is just a dump site for all my sketches. hehe.. that's one of the reason why i created this blog. I wanted to keep my sketches without using much space. So, i dump my sketches in this blog (virtual reality world) for safekeeping and also as a gallery for all of you to read or see or maybe just ignore..

So, let see what i found in my hard drives..

I practice karate (shito-ryu karate-do). This one time, i feel like drawing a comic related to karate (just for personal keeping, not for publishing). But i stopped after two pages. haha.. Pemalas btul. hangat2 taik ayam pun ye jugak..

This is Patang Warrior. The warrior of the natives in Borneo (i create this character so i can give him whatever personality that i want.. hehe). Cant remember where i got the word Patang but seems to suit this fella.. 
In my attempt to create a gigantic beast awaken from the deep jungle of Amazon rainforest, this monster was created.  At first sight, this monster look really mean. But if you look at it closely, you notice that this monster didnt have any fangs and it has tiny, little, harmless tooth. hahaha :D

This one is just fellow soldiers in one of the rainforest in Asia carrying out his duty.

this one is the unfinished drawing of Ryu of street fighter.. hehe

p/s: click on the sketches to enlarge

Well, i got some more at home. I dont know if i still keep it or not but i will try to find them when i go back home...

Have a nice day!