Thursday, December 9, 2010


Assalammualaikum and a good day to everybody.
I've been busy past few days, cant find the time to update this blog. For those who visits my blog everyday wishing for a new entry, i'm really sorry. I didnt draw anything this past few days.
Anyway, i found this comic, drawn by me and several friends when we were in Form 2 i think... or form 3, cant remember correctly. I found this while spring cleaning my room. Anyway, this is a project paper for Art Class. We were suppose to make a comic magazine (like APO?, or Ujang, or Gempak).
Thanks to Aziz, Hazwan, Zaidi andAzim for being a superb team mates.. hehe
The original copy was in colour, but already submitted to the teacher laaaaaa.. this is just the photostat copy. hish.. whatEVERlah!
Enjoy.. (warning: this is a long entry. you might get board :)  )

(i've warned you.. hehehe)


  1. wah bnyk nye.. smart2... ada idea.. :D

  2. wow...banyaknye..awk lukis sendiri?

  3. @saiazuan: idea ape tu? hehe

    @miera: sumer pun lukis sndri. ni folio pendidikan seni waktu skolah menengah dlu ni. saje uplod. dh terjumpa waktu kemas2 bilik. :)

  4. waaa...caya r bro...leh msuk ujang nie

  5. Perghhhh dahsyat la korang. Bleh buat majalah kartun tuuu. Takde planning apapa ke? XD

  6. Dulu ms umur 7 tahun pun saya ada buat komik jugk. Cerita Sang Tomato, Sang Lobak, Sang Bawang dgn kwn2nye yg lain. Kikiki. Mcm kelakar jek bila teringatkan zmn dahulu kala.

  7. banyakkkknyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :D

  8. hai n salam perkenalan.. nak mintak awk tolong vote saya boleh? ^_^


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