Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bottled Water

Well, this post is for you guys to think about.
You guys sure are familiar with bottled mineral water kan??

Do you know you guys pay almost 10 times the price of tap water? Korang kalau masak sendiri air minum, lagi murah.

Tapi skali skala ok la kot.. kalau korang buat outdoor activities ke.. 
But then, do you know where did the bottles go after you throw it?
If they really recycle those bottles, its ok..
But, what if............
Yes! that's right. You guys dont see it wrong. this is what it's gonna be if you guys dont go slow on buying those mineral water.


  1. but, based on research, the water that we boiled, was not that clean...

  2. your mom fed you with boiled tap water up until now right? and you didnt fell sick because of drinking boiled tap water right?


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