Friday, November 12, 2010

Drawing tutorial #1

hey, someone ask me for a drawing tutorial, so here's a quickie..

Start with drawing the posture of the character.
use lines and circles to draw the basic posture. If you find this hard, use pictures or action figures as reference
Then, draw the body of the person according to the 'Lukisan Lidi' you've drawn earlier. This is the part where you determine whether your character is muscular, slim of fat.
Then, give him personality (hair style, clothes, trouser etc etc. Refer to fashion magazine of any pictures for ideas on what clothes for your character to wear. As for this one, this character wears nrmal t shirt and jeans.
Using pen, outline the initial sketch. Outlining needs a little experience to come out with a good result. Experiment with different type of pen to get the best result.
Then, erase all the pencil mark you create when sketching earlier. Use your pen to create shaded area to give your drawing more depth.
Tadaaaa! a gay looking happy person. hehehe
Try experimenting with different posture and different apparel.

[I'm no professional, so, any comments are welcome. :)  ]


  1. cool! perempuan pakai tudung ade tak tutor dia? especially part mata.. ^^,


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