Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sore Fat Loser (SFL)

Let us play a guessing game. Can you guess what this picture trying to tell?
If you guessed this is a picture of some old man trying to get a job...., tettt! you're wrong!

This is a picture of an extremely sad man after failing in an interview because he's such a loser. I won't reveal his identity because he is still trying to get a job and i'm afraid that he might not get a job at all because the whole world knows he's a SFL after reading this entry. I'm a good person you know.. i still consider others..


  1. this cartoon is beautiful!!
    u have skills!

  2. thank u. maybe some other time i can draw u? how about that?

  3. bukan ko ke yg pakai black stripes shirt tu..hahaha


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